Dons' Web Page Test Site

Welcome to my test site.

This site exists solely for the pupose of testing ideas in an attempt to hone my webmastering skills.

Most of the pages of this site are related to the USS Richard S. Edwards - DD950 Association website. The proposed pages and elements can be initialy contained here so as to impact the actual website as little as possible.

The contents of these pages include the folowing -

The DD950 Trials Menus.

There are multiple versions of proposed versions of the DD950 Association website menu system. They exist so that we can browse and select those which we feel are the most pleasing to the eye, proffesional, and functional.

Some of the menu examples are fairly extensive to show the structure of the proposed menus. Other menu examples are simple, as they are intended only to demeostrate the appearance of the menus themselves.

The web pages contained herin are mainly concerned with web page creation using only CSS styles, with the emphases on using pure text created files, without using flash, javascript, or other means of programming to accomplish the end result, and yet produce an attractive, functional web site which requires no special programming skill to create and maintain. In order to allow for minimal maintenance, some pages are written using PHP scripting for including common files into the pages.